Zinc Sulphide

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  • Voilet

Zinc Sulphide

Iron oxide pigment inorganic iron oxide pigments are chemically inert and stable in all weather conditions. They are safe, non-toxic colours with excellent resistance to UV radiation, fading and leaching, and are virtually maintenance-free.

The flow properties and easy applicability of Iron oxide pigment  gains higher importance given the availability of trade paints not only as solvent-based formulations but also as water-based paints of comparable quality. Established products such as SunferroxTM iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments have high colour strength and because of their excellent light-fastness, are both durable and reliable.

Products We Expertise in

  • Soya bean Deodorizer Distillate
  • Distillate soya fatty acid oil
  • Vegetables fatty acid
  • Soya Lecithin
  • Zinc sulphide
  • Sodium vinyl sulphonate
  • Paint Driers.

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