Sodium vinyl Sulphonate


    Sodium vinyl-sulfonate is a polymerizable organic compound which has many industrial uses, particularly as an antistatic agent and as an agent improving the tinctorial affinity of synthetic fibres,such as polyacrylonitrile and polypropylene, to cationic dyes, as a dispersing agent in polymer emulsions,

    as a wetting agent for lowering the mixing water content of cement, as a starting material for the production of cation exchange resins and synthetic rubber.


    Sodium Vinyl sulphonate has both an olefinic bond and a reactive sulfonic acid group. This bifunctional structure suggests its applications ranging from its use as a monomer in the polymerisation of sulfonated vinyl-type resins to its use as an organic intermediate in sulfoethylation reactions.

  • In sizing of textile fibres
  • Dye fixing agent for textile fibre
  • In enhanced oil recovery as fluid loss control additive
  • Adjuvant for ion exchange resins
  • As a cement dispersant for slump and workability improvement
  • Adjuvant for coating paper
  • As a CAREER brightener in electroplating

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